March 2023


In partnership with Doug Patterson

‘The Gymnasium’ is a state-of-the-art personal gym within a private residential compound in the Caribbean. The building was conceived as a transparent minimalist building situated up the hill. Its training-level cantilevers off the cliff, supported by concrete gallow brackets add to the breathtaking views to and from the building.

The access to the gym from the main house and surrounding guest houses is via a funicular or by mule (small island vehicle). The under-croft level is set back and provides changing rooms and space for a sauna and aircon plant.

The glazed frontage was designed to be hurricane-proof without compromising the views of the ocean and landscape, integrating the magnificent surroundings into the training space, and creating a unique workout experience.

The project was resolved with much attention to detail contributing to the minimalist aesthetic and emerging calmly from the exuberant tropical landscape.

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