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September 2020

The restoration of the house progresses at a low pace, due to the fact that good artisans, in this region of France, are very busy as they work for many clients so the progress on site is by stages and sequential.

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July 2020
Wrap Around Extension & Garden Office, London UK

A modern wrap around extension to the rear of the house has been built to include a new kitchen and a family room which opens up with bifold doors into the garden.

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March 2020
spa, chile

A new Wellness Centre is being designed to be implemented in the Southern part of Chile. The Centre will predominantly be used for international upmarket travellers and will provide comfortable accommodation, cuisine and spa.

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February 2020
additional office space

A small office building to be located at the back of one of our projects was commissioned to provide 75m2 of office space. It was designed  on stilts to preserve the car-parking spaces under croft.

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