Athenaeum Road

Number 3 Athenaeum Road is located in Whetstone Town Centre, adjacent to High Street Barnet.

The building is situated amongst a mix of architectural styles and periods, ranging from contemporary, as number 1 Athenaeum Road to more traditional, as the new residential block and circa 1940’s houses as the road continues away from the high street.

The building was designed to be in proportion to the street scene and its adjacent buildings, maintaining proportions and building lines.

The main façade fronting Athenaeum Road is of contemporary design and uses a mixture of smooth, textured and transparent materials. The façade has been designed giving vertical, rather than horizontal emphasis, thus maintaining the proportions of the street scene. The solid to void proportions have been designed to indicate visual alignment with the new residential block adjacent to it also by maintaining the main frontage of the building in line. The design has also considered the visual relationship with number 1 Athenaeum Road which is of a contemporary design. The third floor of the proposed building has been set back from the main façade and incorporates a curved roof, both in order to minimize its impact to the street scene. 

The outdoor amenity space for each unit has been provided by the introduction of balconies, set back from the main facades. It has not been possible to stack the bedrooms and living accommodation on the third floor with the second floor due the perimeters of the external wall, given its set back from the main façade.

The internal layout of the proposed building incorporates a central core which includes a lift to all floors, staircase and services ducts. The flats on each level are accessed from the central core and are mirrored in their layouts.

The residential units above ground comprise of 2-bedroom units on first and second floors and a 3-bedroom flat on third floor with allocated amenity spaces for each unit. The residential units have front and rear aspects and are accessed by an internal lift or lobbied staircase.

The new building comprises two commercial units at ground floor level, A1 usage for the Front unit and B1 for the rear, with five flats on the first, second and third floors.

The ground floor commercial accommodation does not occupy the full width of the building, with vehicular access retained within an under-croft area allowing access to the car parking area, which is situated to the rear of the site. A pedestrian walkway of 1.5m wide has been provided for access to the main entrance of the residential block. The ground floor commercial units are accessed via the under croft.

residential / commercial
london, uk

700 m2 
7,535 ft2 

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