Las Varas

The project is designed as a family residence in an exceptional location in the Chilean Andes, 1 hour away from Santiago. The location features 360 degrees vistas to the Andes located in the southern hemisphere. The design incorporates the benefits of the East, with the gentle morning sun for the bedrooms and study, the North, with a vertical midday sun for the lounge and reception and the West for dining and kitchen areas.

On a lower level the playroom areas with independent guests’ room relate to the pool to the North and the East. The service areas are independent and separated from the house by the parking provision, with space for 12 cars in the shade of the under croft.

The building will also serve as a high-end office to hold business meetings as well as entertain international clients with facilities including swimming pools, snooker room, degustation cave, music room, etc.

The harsh climate, which features extreme thermal amplitude has informed the project and is resolved with the inclusion of water features to increase the humidity and help to create a microclimate. The addition of retractable shading devices on the central patio and galleries connecting the bedrooms helps the effects of direct sunlight.

The building will harmonize and breath with nature by incorporating passive and active energy principles.

Passive energy systems are embedded within the design, such as orientation, natural ventilation, green roofs, thermal masses and inertia.

Active energy systems such as wind energy, rainwater collection, photovoltaic and solar panels reduce the buildings carbon emissions due to minimizing the use of heat-cold mechanical systems.

los andes, chile

1,500 m2
16,150 ft2 

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