The Hungry Guest

The Hungry Guest shop (previously Hovis House and Gustav Parks) is located at the junction between Middle Street and High Street. To its north side on Middle Street, it leads to The Leconfield restaurant. On the west side, there is a row of shops leading to the town centre with residential accommodation above. The surrounding area consists mostly of old buildings, many of listed status.

The Hovis House and Gustav Parks occupy an area of approximately 374 m2. The volume of the house is roughly 1,300m3.

Complementary to The Leconfield restaurant, the Hungry Guest shop originally was conceived as a larder to the restaurant, offering high quality bread, meats, a sophisticated cheese room, organic vegetables and ready meals.

The residential access was moved to the north end to maximise the shopping area. The corner to High Street is considered to be the oldest in town with a ceiling thought to have been built in 1450.

The building had been divided poorly into 5 shops which proved unsustainable. The 5 shops were unified into a single whole and a small gradient was given to the floor to avoid steps or expensive underpinning. Very special care was taken to repair and expose all historic features of the building.

The Hungry guest is expanding to have many outlets. It started with the one shop described above and grew to have a café- restaurant in West Sussex and another in West Malling.

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