The Zetter

design consultancy for Chetwoods

The Zetter – a boutique hotel with pioneering eco-credentials located in London’s creative hub Clerkenwell. A contemporary, converted Victorian warehouse sits alongside cobbled streets, historic buildings and urban landscape.

The concept for this inner-city hotel literally centres on a five-story semi-elliptical atrium, around which walkways to the 59 rooms are situated. The atrium floods the building with natural light, illuminating corridor space on every floor as well as the bar below.

The hotel, a refurbished historic building on a constrained site, exploits its location not only to attract visitors but also for environmental purposes. A borehole, drilled directly below the hotel, taps into large water reserves in the chalk strata under London. This supply aids not only the hotel’s heating and grey water system but is purified and used for both main and bottled drinking water.

On the exterior, newly manufactured windows and shutters replicate the originals, and minimal changes to the ground floor allow for an entrance lobby, restaurant and courtyard. Following local planning code, an extra floor was added without impacting the existing roofline, and the entire spiral of rooms remains invisible from street level. These spaces, filled with natural light from fully glazed walls and balconies, feature end-grain wooden floors and combined bed, bedside table, wardrobe and drawer unit modules. Bathrooms include high-end fittings, custom-moulded sinks, and walk-in showers.

hotel / hospitality
london, uk

2,450 m2
26,400 ft2 

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