The first ideas for the construction of this building emerged on the initiative of Dr. Juan Wolfram Schneider, and in line with the “Therapeutikum” concept by Dr. Ita Wegman.

Dr. Schneider – a connoisseur of anthroposophy as a worldview of man and the world – created in the city of Buenos Aires, the San Rafael Foundation to host a Therapeutikum; a healing place, where a group of doctors and therapists of anthroposophical orientation, accompanied by the different artistic-therapeutic branches of this science, could work together, in pursuit of the health of each patient.  This supporting healing activities given in this place, would accompany the natural cycles of life.

The organic architecture and the presence of nature, through gardens, would generate the right environment. The importance of music, theatre and eurithmy, among other manifestations of cultivation and development of the soul, was the leitmotiv of the construction, in the heart of the building, of the San Rafael Auditorium. A room with excellent acoustic qualities; today endowed with a remarkable piano Bosendorfer. Every year, the Therapeutikum offers a cycle of classical music concerts open to the community. It has a 220 seats capacity.

The building comprises consulting rooms, workshops, a natural pharmacy, a bio-dynamic bakery and restaurant. It was designed as a two-stage project, and only the first stage was built which houses the vertical clinic. The second stage was conceived as a Maternity, alongside the idea that this institution should accompany the healthy development of life. This first stage of the Therapeutikum San Rafael, was first opened to the public in 1992.

health / hospitality
buenos aires, argentina

3,200 m2
34,400 ft2 

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